Donald Goldstein has been practicing in Doylestown since 1985. He has over 35 years experience treating people with acupuncture and over 25 years experience using frequency specific micro current.

Acupuncture is ancient but has gone through incredible changes in its understanding and efficiency; especially in the treatment and rehabilitation of pain and injury. Balance method acupuncture and distal needling techniques, developed by Dr. Richard Tan and Dr. Robert Doane were mentors to Donald, have come to the forefront of clinical effectiveness along with the muscle channel techniques of Dr. Frank He.

Frequency Specific Micro Current (FSM) developed by Dr. Carolyn McMakin uses sub sensory electrical pulses to speed recovery of injury by specifically targeting the presenting tissue and condition. FSM is used in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and the Olympics. Donald is a certified advanced practitioner of FSM. Both acupuncture and FSM can be used together or separately to fit each persons needs and comfort.

Donald is committed to helping those who suffer from may different pain patterns/pathways. His work is a valuable adjunct to any therapy a patient may be using at ASSC. All questions and inquiries of his work are welcome. He can be reached via email at