About Advanced Spine & Sports Chiropractic


What we are all about…

Advanced Spine & Sports Chiropractic (ASSC) is about you, the patient. Our patient centered philosophy is about putting you the patient first. Whether you are a world class athlete or an “Olympic Gardener,” we are here to help. We strive to assist you in living life to the fullest regardless of your age or current level of fitness. You set the goal, we help you reach it.

The providers at our office are highly active and in some cases competitive athletes themselves. We range in age from our late twenties through our sixties. In other words; we have been there and done that; we get it!

We care for active individuals and athletes of all ages and abilities. We know athletes and active people work hard to get their bodies conditioned to achieve peak performance levels. Our patients reach for the highest level of well-being and are constantly searching for newer and better ways to get fit and stay fit and remain injury free.   

Pushing the human body hard and often to its limits can sometimes cause injury. It may be just a “tweak” that needs a little attention or it could be a major injury that keeps us on the proverbial “bench” unable to enjoy our usual active lifestyle. At ASSC, we support health, wellness and vigor by helping our patients keep their bodies moving the way they were designed; To perform at their highest levels and to avoid injury.

Despite our best efforts sometimes we do get injured. If this should happen our providers are trained in the most innovative and up to date methods to restore our patients to optimal health, performance and well being.

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