Advanced Sports Chiropractic (ASC) is about athletes treating athletes of all ages and abilities. Athletes work hard to get their bodies to achieve at high levels. They must reach for the highest level of well-being and constantly strive to maintain that, yet pushing the human body to its limits can also cause injury. At ASC, we support wellness by helping our clients to keep their bodies in tune to avoid injury. If they do get injured, we:

  • Diagnose the cause
  • Use various modalities and soft tissue techniques to get them back into action and feeling great as quickly as possible
  • Teach them how to avoid re-injury
  • Advanced Sports Chiropractic incorporates a number of modalities to treat musculoskeletal injuries. By staying on the cutting edge of medical science, we are able to ensure that our patients are healed and out the door as quickly as possible.”

By focusing on athletes, we treat not just the spine, but the whole body from head to toe. While we do traditional spinal adjustments of the neck and back, we are also trained to treat soft tissue injuries throughout the whole body using specific techniques that promote healing.
We work with professional as well as high school athletes, even the weekend warrior! If you're experiencing chronic or acute pain in your neck, shoulders, arms, back, legs, ankles or feet, come see us—no matter what the cause! Although we focus on athletes, we're happy to help even non-athletes achieve a pain-free and healthy lifestyle.
We'll work with your entire healthcare team to get you feeling better and back in action!

Mother and Son Victorious!

Perhaps a first, our patients, Nancy and Zack Smith were each big winners at the Steelman Triathlon. 26 year old Zack smoked a 2:07 to win the men's event. Right behind him was the ageless Nancy Smith who at 58 was the women's overall champion. As you can see regular Chiropractic care pays off!